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Some Killer Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2018

Email marketing is becoming very famous nowadays and a lot of  people are moving towards it and using it for their businesses. Email marketing is the number one way for small businesses which are reaching to more and more people than ever before.  With a solid email marketing strategy, the business owners can easily convert the new customers and also stay on the top  with existing customers.


Here Are Some Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes Which You Can Avoid In 2018 :

  1. Ignoring  your analytics


This is the very dangerous mistake if you are ignoring your analytics. It’s one thing to see that if an email is being opened or not but on the other hand it is also important to pay attention to how well your emails were going. What your subscribers are doing after the opening of your email? Are they clicking on your links or they will simply just ignoring them by not opening the email or by bounce rate or they will unsubscribe you? Are you still annoying your emails list? The answer to all these questions is that you have to plan a strategy first to before moving into email marketing and decide what your main focus is and what you have to do.


  1. Boring Subject Lines


This is also one of the most elusive yet crucial aspects of a successful email campaign. Most of the consumers will say that the subject line is what compels them to open an email and the other half are probably which is inclined to an open email by the peoples who will trust you regardless of the subject lines. In the world of an email, your subject line is your first and the last impression. You need to grab some attention enough so that the peoples to which you are sending your email will open your email even if you are not a name they will recognize in their inbox. There are lots of ways you can go with a subject line but ultimately you will also need to see that what will be work best for your email subscribers. The best advice  is that always try new things, measure your emails open rate success and do more as you can what will work best for you.


  1.  Not Building Your Database

The first and the best email marketing strategy is to have  people to send  your email to. Always start email marketing with your existing email contacts which you have and grow your email list from all those contacts. There are lots of ways which you can build your email list and you can also import contacts from a LinkedIn, provide an email newsletter signup field into your website. Try to use the call-to-action button on your Facebook Page and also ask your customers to spread the word. Also try and avoid buying emails lists.  Email subscribers which you end up with an emailing have no idea who you are.

The key to an emails engagement is that to reach out to those who will have in some way to express that what they will want to hear from you.


  1. Wrong Time For Sending Emails

This can also become one of the email marketing mistakes. When you get your email marketing strategy off to the ground but it is also important to track all your emails open rates i.e what is the opening rate of your emails which were opened by those peoples to which you have sent your mail on the other hand if no one is opening your email then you are simply wasting your time.

The sending of your emails time will really matter a lot for you in your email marketing list. Always try to send emails on the business hours so that you will get the good bouncing rate because when you will send emails to peoples in the business hours then more emails will be opened and your bounce rates will be maintained.


  1. Off Base Targeting Audience

email marketing

This is also one of the biggest ways to lose your customers which is to send out generic, one-size fits all emails to every customer at once. Earn your customer loyalty and avoid the unsubscribing with the market segmentation. While every CMO or an email marketing director segments will be in the same way and it is also an important way to utilize 1-to-1 relationship in the marketing and creating a unique personal message for every customer.

The geographic, demographic, price and the segmentation will allow you for a personalized email campaign. Analytics services will define your targeting audience by the collecting the data across and multiple the channels to the discovery of the product interests, the location of the demographics and also the buying behavior through the customer’s profiles. If you will do these things then your customers will also appreciate the attention in the detail of the regarding of their needs.


  1. Sending Emails Without Testing

Many of the leading marketers in this field will agree to this point that ” Testing is the magic keyword ” in order to the success of your email marketing. Some peoples will also claim that if you are sending the campaigns without A/B split testing you are using your customer database in a non-efficient way. Always try first to send emails to your colleagues or your friends before sending those emails to your subscribers.


  1. Ignoring The Mobile


mobile marketing

In most cases,  roughly two-thirds of your emails will open and it happens on a smartphone or tablets and this tendency will keep thriving in 2018. If your emails were not optimized for the mobile devices then it can simply cause the serious harm to your email campaigns as many users you will instantly delete a message if they are not able to view it properly.

Tip: The single column templates will usually perform best on the mobile device but make sure that you have to test each campaigns several times to be positive.



If you are also trying to grow your business with email marketing then make sure that you avoid all these mistakes while doing it and make your marketing strategy into a success.

Happy Marketing!



The above guest post has been authored by Rankit Sihmar.


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