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Android Oreo – Features You Need To Know About

The recent release of Android 8.0 Oreo comes with some cool new features coupled with security enhancements.


The naming is also traditional for Android versions with the last one being Nougat and the latest ‘Oreo’ –  all sweet treats.


Along with the launch of Android Oreo, Google has also announced the launch of Project Treble that aims to make updates easily available to more devices quickly.


As can be easily expected, one of the new features of Android Oreo is optimization for reduced battery usage.  


According to the Oreo website, the new Android OS comes with 2x boot speed (as tested on Google Pixel).


The new Autofill feature makes app sign-ins quicker by filling in login boxes with the date stored with the user’s permission. Oreo also packs in the Google Play Protect which scans apps for malware and prevents installation of suspicious apps.


Android Oreo


My favourite feature is the two-apps-at-once one that allows you to work on two apps simultaneously  on the same screen – a feature that allows video calls to be made or videos to play in a small screen – an excellent way of utilizing time and doing work while chatting on social media, too.

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The new version has also introduced notification dots that make it easier to see and clear notifications. Plus, there is the Android Instant Apps feature that does away with app installations and allows direct access to them.


And yeah, Android now has more emojis to express your emotions/situations easily and nicely.


Oreo also includes options for better control of processes running in the background and thus, might make system resource-handling improved and more pro-performance with lighter weight on the processor.


Another feature, Notification Snoozing is pretty interesting – and the name is self-explanatory enough.


The WiFi assistant also provides a VPN back to Google, which is pretty useful.


Android Oreo seems pretty good with its delivering of the much-needed yet unexpected features.


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