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5 Awesome New Tools for Entrepreneurs by Startups

Being productive is a big part of an entrepreneur’s life.

Not just entrepreneurs, but every other person as well – students, teachers and normal folks!


But finding the right tools for supplementing your work is a very important segment of being the super-productive person you want to be!


So, here are 5 awesome tools for entrepreneurs and you which will help in keeping your productivity and output levels high and help in your work.


And the best part? All the tools listed here are made by startups!


Startup founders have  to go through many difficult situations and those situations are often one of the main masts behind the creation of their startups. Those tools are crafted from the first-hand experience of problems and can be really helpful in battling them and making life easier.

So 5 awesome ideas. 5 awesome startups. 5 awesome solutions to your problems!


Here you go:


Jukedeck  is a music creation tool by the London-based startup of the same name.

The app creates music note-by-note from scratch by using AI to compose music.

And all the music pieces created by the tool are unique and royalty-free.

It is a great tool for startups and entrepreneurs – whether for making small introductory videos or for use in media – whether it be games or videos to just about anything.

Jukedeck offers the music for free to small enterprises in exchange for a credit/backlink to them (or a small charge if not credited) and also has solutions for bigger corporate bodies.





Ever been in one of those situations where you muddled up contact details of people due to confusion in spelling or maybe, due to mishearing the same?

Really annoying, aren’t they?


MailCoding lets you create unique “Mailcodes” which you can share with people, which can be looked up on the Mailcoding website.

After entering the Mailcode on the website, the other user can view the contact as well as social media details of the person in a consolidated format.

It is currently a free service and the set-up is pretty much simple and fast.




Seenapse is an inspiration engine.

It works with a very simple interface. You put in topics. It churns out ideas for you!


Say, you put in a keyword as a topic and it will show several ideas (or ‘seenapses’ as they are called) and link them with objects which make up good new topics.


Here’s a sample Seenapse with keyword “Ideas” :








Articoolo is an online service that uses Artificial Intelligence (according to its website) to write articles as per user specifications.


The service is available either on pay-per-use basis or as monthly subscriptions, with the 10 Articles package starting from $19 per month.


Read more about it here.





SimpleHabit is an online app that helps you meditate. Anytime, anywhere.


It’s a great app for professionals – entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs – as well as normal folks – because, c’mon, stress is something that affects us all!


As the website puts it: “Designed by a team of a Harvard psychologists and meditation experts, Simple Habit meditations are just 5-minutes and personalized for all kinds of life situations. From before going to work in the morning or preparing a difficult conversation, to even dealing with PMS, Simple Habit can help you get through your day.”



Simple Habit was founded by Yunha Kim in Spring 2016, after she quit her job as an investment banker in Wall Street.


It was selected by Google as one of the best apps of 2014.


Hope the above apps helped you with your work and productivity! Or if you haven’t tried them yet, you can give it a try!


Got comments? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Subhradeep Chatterjee Founder and Tech Blogger at i9finite

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