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3 WhatsApp Tricks That Might Make Your Life Easier

WhatsApp is an integral part of today’s communication front. From sending messages to just sharing links and images, WhatsApp is the go-to app for all these needs.


whatsapp tricks


Using an app is great for the average user. But learning to utilize the best out of it is what makes it worthwhile. WhatsApp tricks to get the best out of the app, therefore, become necessary.


Founded by Jan Koum, cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in a $19 billion deal in 2014.


whatsapp tricks


Here are some WhatsApp tricks to make it easier to utilize some hidden/unknown functionalities of the app.



  • Pinning Notes



WhatsApp recently introduced the pinning features which allows the user to ping selected chats to the top of the chat page/tab. The best part is that multiple chats can be pinned to the top and easily accessed when needed.


This nifty feature is particularly good for making sure that important chats don’t get lost among all the chats.


  1. Saving notes.


Seems surprising?  Well, it might be. Although it is not an official and integrated feature of WhatsApp, you can actually save text and image notes in the WhatsApp app.


Wanna know how?


Just create a WhatsApp group without adding any members and voila! You have an empty chat where you can text/send your notes and find them easily. The search feature complements the functionality of this tweak making it handier.


Bonus Tip:  You can create a note chat as explained above and pin it to the top to make it easily accessible and manageable! 😉


  1. Saving Storage Space


Though technically not an in-app feature or tweak, this trick can be used to save free up storage space.


The new WhatsApp status feature is great. And lets you have a mini-Facebook-like thing in the app.

But know something?

It also stores all the status images and videos which are viewed (sometimes even downloading them even before the status is actually ‘seen’) and this can take up a lot of your valuable phone space.


However, this can easily be solved. Using a file manager, you can just navigate to the WhatsApp main folder and go the Media-> .Statuses folder and delete the files.


In case the folders are not visible, you might have to enable viewing of hidden files in the file manager.


The above WhatsApp tricks and tips might help you make a bit more out of the app and who knows? They might actually make your life easier in handling notes and chats and space.


Have better tips? Let us know in the comments section below.


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