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3 Great Payment Solutions for Paying Online Bills with Forex

Having a website is cool.

But if you are going for a professional website, you have to choose a good hosting service.


While most of the hosting services in India are great, it’s still possible to sometimes find ones with better offerings and server locations.

The problem?


Most of them are in the US or other countries and paying the bills become a tough issue for a user in India.


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So, here are some great payment solutions for making these payments a breeze.


(However, some might still have problems given that different countries’ banks have different rules and transactions depend on those).

payment online


  1. PayPal


PayPal is a payment service which allows both sending and receiving money in foreign currency. It is probably the most widely accepted payment option, with support by most billing services of the web hosting companies.


Pros: It pulls money from your bank account, including the exchange value and taxes, and does the payment, along with sending you an invoice by email.


Cons: However, it is best to check with the banks before trying payments since some banks do not allow PayPal to pull funds at times (I faced a similar problem with Axis Bank in India).


  1. Entropay


Entropay is a payment service that allows the user to create virtual Debit Cards for online payments and load money into it.

The cards are Visa cards and usually don’t have a problem during payments.


Pros: The best part about this service is that the virtual cards can be created and deleted as per need and hence, users do not need to share their original debit card details during all purchases.

The customer service is also great and resolves issues pretty fast.


Cons: However, due to absence of address data, some billing services don’t accept it. According to Entropay’s FAQ, that can be solved by manually doing the payment by calling the customer care of the website where the purchase is being made.


  1.   Other Options


There are also other options for making international payments in foreign currencies for online services.


Skrill is one such service, similar to PayPal.

It can be used for making payments as well as accepting payments.

Payoneer is also a similar service for such transactions.

Both allow payments on various websites, but are not as widely accepted as PayPal.


International transactions-enabled  debit and credit cards of banks can be used for payments, but some banks might not allow it in India.


(My payments for 1&1 Internet Services got declined by Axis Bank in India since it was a subscription-based payment (still can’t figure out why a bank should control who I pay xD).)


Wire transfer is also another option for making payments. Since most forex vendors don’t allow such payments easily other than educational ones and making one through a bank is pretty costly and has a lot of formalities, this can be a problem.

So, if PayPal works fine, it provides the easiest way of making such payments.


Given the hassles of making foreign payments at times, Indian hosts come in pretty handy and easier to manage at times.

At the same time, server locations and other factors often dictate our choices and hence the need for good options.


Disclaimer: The services referred to in this article are third-party services and i9finite and its author shall not be held liable for any disputes or problems arising out of using those services.


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