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3 Awesome Tech Documentaries That You Can Watch On YouTube For Free

Technology is developing at an enormously fast pace these days – from the advent of machinery for different tasks to that of digital circuits and sensors for different gadgets to almost about everything.


Believe it or not, we are now living in a world where lives are extremely dependent on tech tools and objects.

tech documentaries

From shopping to entertainment to health, everything has a digital side helping it work.


The main technological arena is occupied by China with its tech hardware industry which now supplies parts and pieces to all parts of the world.


The innovation sphere has major players like the US, China, India among other countries.


Here are three  tech documentaries which explore the tech world and provide a glimpse of the places and the sneak-peeks of the manufacturing and innovation hubs of the world.


From China’s Shenzen (manufacturing/ tech hardware hub) to Israel’s startup tales, here is a

list  of three such films which will definitely a tech enthusiast’s day.


Best part?  


These tech documentaries are all available on YouTube published by their creators and are free to watch!



  • Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware



WIRED’s documentary series Future Cities has this great documentary on Shenzen in China.


From being a fishing village, Shenzhen became the hub of technology and manufacturing of

electronic goods. Electronic gadgets started being designed and produced here, and later it also became a place for startups.


The availability of proper components and the facility of quick production of goods from prototypes made it a very lucrative place for startups and quickened the pace of their growth.


WIRED’s Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware  provides a glimpse of the real world of

Shenzhen with its good sides as well as the caveats.


From fake Apple iPhones to custom designed phones and gadgets to open source designs of the tech empire, this Shenzhen documentary is bound to be a delight for tech enthusiasts.



  1. Holy Land: Startup Nation


This feature-length documentary also belongs to WIRED’s Future Cities series and is about

Israel and its emerging startup ecosystem.


Starting with the capital city of Tel Aviv and its emerging startup story, the documentary-film moves on to provide glimpses of the startup effect and culture in the regions of East Jerusalem, Nazareth, Ramallah and other regions.


The Silicon Valley of Israel has its own story and it is walking its steps in its startup ecosystem which it has built and is fuelling the growth of.


Holy Land : Startup Nation provides a view of the holy country and tells the tale of the effect and emergence of new technology and startups and how the country is evolving into much more than a country – into an economy (of business) of minds and innovation.



  1. Welcome to Silicon Valley


Though a short documentary,  this film gives a pretty good glimpse of the ecosystem of Silicon Valley.

From interviews of startups to insights from the creators and  the feel of Silicon Valley, it is pretty good in hooking the audience and even inspiring them.



Here’s a bonus film for those who read this post till here:


The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet – Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide


This is a film by Norton (yes, the anti-virus and security company) and delves into the dark

world of cyberspace where malware and dangerous stuff lurk and where cybercrime abounds.


It also suggests ways of protecting yourself from such risks and intrigues the audience with the unknown facts about the web.

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